TV commercial & 16 short videos

2023 Hycan V09 MPV

Hycan V09 TVC & Short films

  • QIO is responsible for producing media materials for the market debut of the new-energy product "V09 Electric Business MPV" from China's vehicle brand "HYCAN", including a 2-minute TV commercial and 16 short videos. The execution of Print Shooting is also efficiently integrated into video shooting.

With a focus on addressing different aspects of business needs and offering the new-age hedonism approach, QIO has derived the core values of the Ad. By bringing four distinctive features, QIO designed media content in a new manner, creating a story-telling commercial advertisement that catches people's attention and increases product identification.

From ideating the creative content, designing the visual performance, filming the advertisement, to post-production refinement, QIO satisfied all the requirements and assisted clients with high-quality services in a comfortable manner, enabling "HYCAN" to make its debut in a perfect way.

Hycan V09

  • Trailer for short films

Hycan V09

  • 8 episodes vertical films

Hycan V09

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